About FDW:

The Fund For Democratic Women is an organization of female Democratic office holders and activists in Michigan who believe that the only true way to achieve equality is by getting more progressive female candidates elected to public office.

Understanding that fundraising is the key to winning elections, Women’s rights activist Samantha Talbot and State Representative Vicki Barnett established the Fund for Democratic Women in 2010.  The fund was set up with one sole purpose--to elect not just any women to public office, but specifically women (and a few good men) who will be true advocates for women’s issues. In a term-limited environment, it was also crucial that we invest in building a strong farm team and to help progressive women win elections at the local and county levels.  

In 2010 we contributed to Representatives Dian Slavens and Lisa Brown, State House Candidates Joan Wadsworth, Christine Green and State Senate Candidate Kathleen Law.  And we have helped launch the political careers of progressive young democrats who are now elected City Council Members in Oakland County.  

In 2012 we contributed to Representatives Dian Slavens, Gretchen Driskell, Theresa Abed, and Collene Lamonte, and State House Candidates Mary Kerwin and Susan Schmidt and canvassed for State Representatives Winnie Brinks and Sarah Roberts.   We also contributed to Macomb County Commissioner Toni Moceri and Saginaw County Commissioner Katie Greenfelder.

Every day our leaders are making decisions regarding reproductive choice, health funding, family law, education and equal pay, all of which will have a dramatically disproportionate impact on women.  Yet women make up only a tiny fraction of our elected leaders. Michigan is certainly not an exception.   Our 110 member State House has only 24 (21.8%) female Representatives -- only 15 of whom consistently support reproductive choice.   Our 38 member State Senate has only 4 (10.5%) females serving, and only two of them consistently support reproductive choice. 
This overwhelming lack of representation presents a very serious threat to women’s liberty, prosperity and to our democracy overall! 

We encourage everyone who cares about democracy and equality--especially women--to join the fight to increase the number of female voices among our elected leaders!  Get involved!  Volunteer! Make a financial contribution!  And above all VOTE!

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